041110  A teaser from our movie.

Now you can download a short teaser from the movie we are working on. In the movie you can follow our work in the pit, see awsome burnouts and we even let you inside the car and follow the race, so you can see what really happens inside. Did someone say it was easy to drive this thing, it's only straight ahead !

Watch the movie by clicking the picture or rightclick and save as... (11mb)


040920  What have we been doing the last weeks ?

We have been racing :) As you already know we did "broke" the engine at Veidec weekend. I'll try to give you a resume of the last weeks.

With the engine in pieces we decided us to give it a try. As spectator we enjoyed the few hours left of the Veidec Festival. Then loading the bus and home to the garage. In the dark shelf's at Jimmy's place we found another camshaft with almost the same configuration as the old one. With the engine in pieces Tommy decided to change the pistons also, it was planned to be done before the finals at Santa Pod. People on vacation began to work, Tommy spended long late night's in the garage. More people worked and finally all parts was ready to put together. Tommy phoned me and asked me to come there at wednsday, we just need to put it togehter, and then we load the bus and go to norway at thursday. Ok, went there at wednesday and we started to put it together. We put it together, and put it together, and put it together (you get it ?). Suddenly the clock was very late or early, i sleeped maybe a minute sitting on my knees leaning against the wall in the garage. It was very hot cause we couldn't have the door to the garage open because of all the midges around Tommy's house. So the air in the garage was very deficient of oxygen. So in the early morning we was exhausted, me sitting on the fronttire and checking Tommy mounting the rocker arms, sometimes i needed to tell hi'm that it wasn't right. Alot of coffe was consumed that night but around noon thursday we was ready.

Later Walle and Stig showed up and we loaded the bus and started the journey to Gardermoen Raceway. Short stop in Södertälje to fill up the bus with gas and we (Tommy and me) celibrated with a beer that we finally did get the pices together. That beer did close my eyes, dont know if Tommy fell asleep to cause i was at sleep almost the whole journey. Only a short "foodstop" on the way (i think).

Finally in Norway we met alot of happy people saying "Congratulation's you did it" and that was very nice to hear. Alexandra had been there for a few hours more cause she was on vacation in Göteborg and did hitchiked with two guys from "Dansk Auto HIFI" thanks for that. A little bit later Jimmy showed up, just like a guy from the sky.... he was flying there. The team was complete, the car was complet, the team was started but not the car ....yet. Friday morning started with a nice breakfast and then a last "big" check of the engine. Still we hadn't start it yet, and we wanted to check it a last time. It could have been something, tired workers put it together you know. Some small adjustment was done and then we feelt ready to try.

Tommy in place, gas in the tank, Walle, Jimmy and me was ready. Fuelpump on, no leaks, just a little push on the gaspedal and a little gas ran down in the carburator's. Cranking....and ignition.... BRRRAAAMMM. Ture was on the move again, everything was ok. But Ture had a new sound, the sound was more aggresive this time. Sounded like'd he wanted to get out on the track at once. The team was satisfied with the effort we all had done and did the usually procedure with the car. The team spoked about some routines that we should "train" a little and decided this was a good weekend to get them in place. Soon it was lineup and Jimmy and I did some last work with the car before Tommy went inside.

What ?!?

WHAT IS THIS ?!?! HAHAHAHA was the word we heared from Tommy when he get inside. Why you can se on the picture above. You drive we said, dont worry just drive. The thougts about this was that we wanted him to get back faster after the burnout and we suspected that he was checking "to much". Some other routins on the starting area was also tried out. The first and second run was good and all the new routines worked out very good. But still we didn't go really fast. Maybe it was the engine or maybe the car. After saturday's qualfications we was on the last place with a 7.24. To bad we say, but the car was running good and the team learned alot. We decided to go to Mantorp and the NDRS Finals to get some testing done. Peter Emilsson was also going there for the same reason.

Let's go

Mantorp NDRS Finals

On the track again for some testing.... We are competing in Competition B/A Tommy said and showed up a big smile. I thougt it would be better that way, then we get more rounds he said and smiled again, it's fun to drive this car. Friday we only get one round cause of rain. But at saturday we ran four times, and the last run was around 15.30. So we was like mechanical animals. This car is almost like a family-cruiser, easily you can get in three persons in it and it's still comfortable. All worked like maniacs, even Stig had alot to do. He was doing some service on the bus when he had the time to do it. The car went just a little bit faster but not really that much we wantet it to do (will it ever do that ?). We tried everything we thougt, and then we checked the airpressure with another clock, it was wrong ?!? Last time we checked it (the clock) was just a few races ago and then it was right. Pumping the tire's a little bit more and there it was, 7.18 the clock said and the team was excited. Just 0.06 of a second you say ? Imagine that 0.06 of a second, how long is that ? Just like.... hmmm its nothing for most of us. But here it's alot. 7.18 is not fast but it's much better than 7.24. Some tuning of the car and suddenly we ran 7.23.... hmmm what now ? Lost the semifinal against a dragster from finland. But suddenly they said get ready the finnish team was disqualified. ?!?!? just one set of discs to the clutch left, puuh. Now it was short of time, work work work !!? We sat the car back and then we ran 7.18 again. And there we was, winner of the competition class that weekend ! We did get payback for all work, a little trophy and a big bottle of "Champagne". Tommy did shower the whole team and car with it and we all was very happy for this weekend. Now it was only the real finals left. I'll try to get you an story from Santa Pod later this week.


Future clutchmechanic to Bosse


 Finally an update

After a long time with no update i'll try to let you know what we have been doing the last month. The Veidec Festiaval ended up in a "broken engine". In the last qualifying round one pushrod went out of place, a lifter "cracked" and did some ugly marks in the camshaft. So no more racing that weekend. The team put the engine in pieces and inspected the damage. How to solve this was the question, the next race was only a few days ahead.


 Report from Veidec Festival

The report from Veidec Festival at Mantorp will be put up later. The time is short and we have some problem with the engine and next race is this weekend. Hopefully we have a big report up in next week.


040707  Alastaro, Finland

When the team arrived to Alastaro raceway Thursday morning Stig and the bus were already at sight. He went on the ferry wensday morning and arrived Wensday night. With him we found Bosse Andersson, who had spent the night in the bus with his two sons. Bosse is on his way to build a ProStock car and we look forward to se him in the competition next year or the year after. Now he spend some time with us and the other teams to get a picture of what he's getting in to.

After unloading the car and ricing the tent we had some spare time before lunch. After eating we took the car for inspection of the scrutiner. Of course we passed and headed home to the bus again, were Tommy washed the car and Alex helped him dry it afterwords. Tommy and Robban went thru the gearbox and made the car ready for warmup.
Tech Inspect

Friday morning started with sunshine and after a problemfree warmup we had first round of qualifications. We had problems with traction and didn't do a very good run, but at least we had a qualification time although it vas a 15 sec run... In the afternoon at second qualification run we had a problem with the fifth gear we didn't eaven get past the water. Back at the tent we fixed the problem and started to long for tomorrow so we could get a chans to improve the qualification time, but dissapointed we were...


 Saturday morning we woke up to the sounds of rain falling on the busroof. And so the rain keept falling all day. Not much got done that day. We were glad that we made a qualification time Friday although it was a realy bad run. At least we made it to elemination.

In the afternoon some of us watched movies on big screen in the bus while others walked around in the pit talking to the other teams.


Sunday morning was a lot brighter then the day before. Some clouds were hiding the sun now and then, but at least it wasn't raining.

We made a good run in first elemination, but it wasn't good enough against leading Jimmy Ålund. At least we knew that we'r on the right track. So all U other teams Watch out next race on Mantorp. We will keep on fighting!


040605  Starting to build a new site for Tommy Leindahl Prostock Dragracing.