Here is a little presentation of the team.

The team consist of at least five persons. Sometimes we have more people in the pit, guest's and sponsors are a usual sight in the team. Here is the team of Tommy Leindahl Prostock Dragracing.

If you want to get in contact with us, please use the contactform and we will get back to you in a hurry.

/Tommy L

Tommy Leindahl - Driver

Has been doing this for 20 years this summer. A good sportsman and also known to be a winner. For season of 2004 he has invested in a new car and two dogs.

Jimmy Karlsson - Crewchief

Also a dogowner and crewcheif in the team. Born in the backyard of GM ? He says he get itchy from Mopar. The background in the picture is nice, dont you think.

Anders Wallenius - Engine

Keeps order in the stable, it's alot of horses to take care of. He is also a good talker, talking to anyone who wants to talk. Working for SAAB so he know what power means....

Robert Rahm - Clutch & Web

Me... trying to keep the clutch together as much we want it to be. Also hacking the website for the team and trying to get up and running.

Alexandra Norberg - Food & Logging

Crewcheif or not, she is our crewchef and "owns" the team. We do as she says all the time, if not we'll not get any food or coffee. Also responsible for all the logging of a race.

Stig Leindahl - Supporting father

Tommy's father, the man who is everywhere but nowhere. This man talks to anything about anything. He can get you anything, a camel at the north pole is no problem for "Stickan". Very greatful helping with driving the bus and all the small things around.